Mishima-Suite, Philip Glass

performed by Maki Namekawa

The Mishima-Suite is a selection of 7 pieces from the music Philip Glass wrote in 1985 for the Paul Schrader movie about the live and death of Yukio Mishima.

Maki Namekawa commissioned Michael Riesman for the piano arrangement and recorded and premiered the whole set in 2018.

Mishima / Opening
November 25: Morning
Temple Of The Golden Pavilion
November 25: Ichigaya
Award Montage
Runaway Horse
Mishima / Closing

The realtime visualization has been originally created for the performance of the Mishima-Suite by Maki Namekawa at the Ars Electronica Home Delivery Concert on Aug 23rd, 2020.

On March 12th, 2021 Maki Namekawa performed it again as part of the second season of the Ars Electronica Home Delivery Concerts.

Visualisation only, with the music from the CD: