The Berlioz Robo-Solo

The Berlioz Project has been created for Ars Electronica‘s Big Concert Night, Sep. 2018, in collaboration with Bruckner Orchestra Linz, Markus Poschner, Norbert Trawöger, Silke Grabinger, Martin Honzik, Karl Schmidinger, Joshi Viteka, Hannes Franks, Johannes Braumann, Peter Freudling.

A central element of the special stage setting was the heavy duty industrial robot KUKA-KR600 which weighs more than 2,5 tons and is 3,3 m high when fully stretched.


The robot was placed in the middle of the stage, surrounded by the orchestra and the motors of its 6 axis were directly controlled by the music of the orchestra – the same data which were used for the digital realtime visualisation.

The realtime visuals were presented on 6 large screens, surrounding the orchestra and the robot.









For the 3rd movement of Symphonie Fantastique we developed a special system where the music was controlling the movements of the robot and the robot sent his position-data to move and synchronize 4 moving-head lights and also to control the position of the realtime-visuals on the screens.

Realtime Visualisation for the 3rd Movement. The position of this orange square was directly controlled by the position-data coming from the robot. All other modifications were controlled by the music-signal from the orchestra.


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