Piano Sonate, Philip Glass

Piano Sonate, Philip Glass, 2019
Piano: Maki Namekawa
Realtime Visualisation: Cori O’Lan
Piano Sonata by Philip Glass has been commissioned by Klavier-Festival Ruhr, Ars Electronica, Philharmonie de Paris,
Performance at Ars Electronica and Tokyo Midtown Festival supported by Yamaha

Photos from the performance at Tokyo Midtown Festival (Feb 2020)

Photos from the performance at Ars Electronica 2019 (09.09.2019)

Screenshot 2019-10-11 00.06.16IMG_1412Screenshot 2019-10-11 00.06.27IMG_1505IMG_1506Screenshot 2019-10-11 00.06.42Screenshot 2019-10-11 00.08.45Screenshot 2019-10-11 00.06.24Screenshot 2019-10-02 23.17.20_2Screenshot 2019-10-02 23.17.20_3

about the music:
“The Sonata is colorful, wild, excitingly jumpy…” – with these words Malte Hemmerich begins his review of the premiere of Philip Glass’s latest work at the Klavier-Festival Ruhr on July 4th 2019 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He further continues “… it is a prime example of Philip Glass’s piano music with its opposing rhythms, and there are also many other familiar elements from the composer’s etudes and individual works. In such a wild kaleidoscope, however, they appear here for the first time.
It is Glass’s most demanding piano work to date; the rapid succession of virtuoso octave jumps are close to the limit of playability. Namekawa breathes this music, the piece is an example of how an incomparable unity can arise from the close collaboration between composer and interpreter.”


1. Movement

PS1_00 (1)PS1_02 (2)PS1_10 (5)PS1_22 (3)PS1_24 (20)PS1_25 (3)PS1_40 (5)PS1_41 (2)

2. MovementPS1_30 (3)PS1_32 (4)PS1_32 (1)PS2_20 (12)PS2_20 (18)PS2_20 (31)PS2_20 (29)PS2_20 (32)PS2_30 (1)PS2_30 (42)PS2_30 (3)

3. MovementPS3_12 (9)PS3_40 (79)PS3_40 (71)PS3_40 (25)PS3_40 (19)PS3_40 (9)PS1_50 (2)PS1_50 (1)PS3_90 (1)PS3_90 (6)

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